Uniram Spray Gun Recycler
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Solvent Recycler

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• Tank Capacity: 5.0 US gal (20 litres)
• Speed: 5 US gal in about 4 hours

• Air Pressure: 75-85 PSI, unit complete with pressure regulator and filter.

• Power Supply: 110/120 V, 1,600 W, 13.3 A
• Heater: 1,500 W
• Display: LEDs indicates power on, heat on and 6 temperature set points.


220 v availble URS600


Recycler Liner Bags 10 pack

Double Spray Gun Washer & Built in Recycler


Your Cost: ON SPECIAL!


• Automatic Wash, Air Purge and Clean-rinse spray guns in 60 seconds.
• Clean-rinse spray guns using Flow-Through brush. Activate Solvent Flow by "hands-free" foot pedal.

• Level Gauge For Clean Solvent Pail - indicates time to recycle
• Hose Cleaning - Wash, Air Purge and Clean-rinse spray guns in 60 seconds.
• All-in-one cabinet. Corrosive resistant all stainless steel.
• Ideal for the shop with limited space.
• Provides clean solvent every day.
• Eliminates need to haul dirty solvent off-site. No manifest to complete.
• Lowers disposal and purchase costs.
• Recycles solvent in 4-6 hr, 120 V input.
• Sealed 1,500 W heater
• Certified to UL Standard 2208 and CSA Standard 22.2, No. 30 and 88. For use in non-hazardous locations and hazardous locations Class 1, Division 1, Class 1 Division 2.
Operational control by micro-processor. Many built-in safety programs.

Uniram Spray Gun Cleaner