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The best from England, TEKNA branded spray guns are designed to be "free flowing"; using less air pressure to produce automotive quality finishes. Feel confident in supplies and support by DeVilbiss ITW International.


TEKNA guns provide optimal atomization of base coats within a range of 18 to 22 psi inlet pressure- 22-26 psi for clear coats. Separate base coat and clear coat versions of the HVLP gravity guns will be offered, with several fluid nozzle sizes available for each.

All TEKNA guns feature lightweight, chrome-plated aluminum bodies with low pull force triggers. A 900cc aluminum cup is included with all guns.

Optimal Base Coat / Clear Coat Setups

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Professional Body Shop New HVLP models with 3 air caps included

Tekna Spray Gun base 202 /clear 909 1.4 HVLP with Bonus 7E7 Hi-Efficiency LVLP Setup
HVLP Spray Gun with Hi-Efficiency Air Cap specialized for base and clear automotive spraying. The finest from England
Your Cost: See Current Model for Clears

7e7 aircap

7E7 Hi-Efficiency Air Cap LVLP
• Hi-Efficiency Air Cap clear coat cap - transfer efficiency lowers material costs 11CFM
7e7 aircap

202 HVLP Air Cap
• HVLP base coat cap - large pattern increases productivity
- Engineered for optimal metallic distribution and pattern length while spraying at 18-22 PSI (13.5-15.5 CFM)
- Waterborne compatible
- Precision matched nozzle and needle
7e7 aircap

909 HVLP Air Cap

Engineered for optimal atomization and pattern length while spraying 22-26 PSI (14-16 CMF)
Precision matched nozzle and needle


• Added value - like having three guns in one - kit includes both the 202 base coat cap and 909 clear coat cap and New Hi-Efficiency Air Cap

• HVLP clear coat cap - transfer efficiency lowers material costs

Precision matched nozzle and needle
• Ergonomic and lightweight - reduced fatigue
• Easy trigger pull
• Tip Size: 1.4

9 CFM Min Required


*We are an Independant tool distributor. We are not the Tekna Company or DeVilbiss. We also have a wide selection of quality tools for the Professional and Serious Hobbist at www.SprayGunWorld.com. All Tekna products are genuine products due to the particular nature and high quality of Tekna products there is a 15% restocking fee for returned items.