Optima Spray LVLP Spray Gun


Sample Packaging
Older LVLP - Aluminum Cup Version Shown

Europes German Optima 900L - LVLP Clear Coat Buster

RATED #1 over
all automotive spray guns including W400 LVLP, HVLP and German Spray Reduced Pressure*

Optima is a German engineered and manufactured gun that competes with other German hi-end spray guns. Supported well in the USA by top USA Motorguard Corp.

You can just see the German quality construction by looking at the picture.


Nozzle Tip Size
1.3 Base Coat / Clear Coat Thin
1.4 Base & Clear Coat Expensive* Auto Standard Recommended
1.2 Stains/Dies
1.5 Lighter Wood Products
1.8 Standard Heavier Laquers Enamels, Urethanes

• Europes exclusively used spray gun series for premire body shops.

• *Newest competition featured in Body Shop Product Magazine names the German Made Optima spray gun as Best Body Shop Clear coat gun or market today! It cam in 1st place over all guns and and 1st place in finish quality.

• World Class Spray Gun Featuring super low LVLP overspray and low CFM requirements 7.8-9.8 CFM for auto (6CFM@40 for wood)

• Locking nut fluid control

• Stainless Steel Needle, Nozzle and fluid passages

Precision manufacturing with computer controlled machining centers

Extensive design and testing resulted in the ULTIMATE in LVLP spray technology. The 900 series provides exceptional finish quality at low air volume and atomizing pressure. Featuring an ultra-wide, uniform spray pattern and is light-weight and balanced.

Model No. 900L
Plastic Cup
Diaphragm Regulator
1.4 Tip Set
7.8-9.8 CFM

900 Series LVLP Spray Gun