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(Reduced Pressure) Spray Guns

4020 Spray gun

plastic cup model shown in picture

IWATA W400LV Reduced Pressure Series
Finest (Reduced Pressure) Spray Gun on the Market

Newest! Hi-Tech Reduced Pressure Spray Gun w/ Patented LVLP Technology inside
Made in Japan

SprayGunWorld: We consider this the Best Reduced Pressure Gun on the market today.
You could spend more but why? Iwata offers the best money can buy.

Part of our
dream guns

Low Air Consumption Superior Finish, Japanese Engineering and Manufacturing.
Hi-Tech (Reduced Pressure) GRAVITY-FEED GUN
Aluminum Cup

Bonus w/ AK1B Regulator

Your Cost: ON SPECIAL! Free Shipping (Convinental US) No 2nd day air (call)
Free Iwata Regulator with Purchase

SUPER SALE: Spray Gun w/ 1 liter Aluminum Cup and regulator: $528.00

SUPER SALE: Spray Gun w/ 1 liter Aluminum Cup and bonus SGW .6 Liter Plastic Cup & Regulator: $538.00


Auto-graphics artists, auto-body refinishers, custom-auto painters, large-scale mural and sign makers, general-purpose painters and artists commonly use Anest Iwata spray guns for everything from detail touch-up to large-scale production spraying.

Whether you're a fine artist, production artist or a body-shop painter, Iwata has a spray gun for your every need - one that's ideally suited for spraying gesso, varnishing paintings, murals, backgrounds, custom automotive painting, rendering signs or whatever broad surfaces need to be covered. These guns spray high-viscosity paints - including metallics - with ease.

· Gravity-feed design provides for easy clean up, ultimate reliability and superior atomization

· Gravity-feed cups also ensure 100% material usage and can function with only a thimble full of paint

· Originally used for automotive refinishing applications, the 400 series has since become a favorite with muralists and fine artists

· Especially suited for clear-coating and base-coating

· Spray patterns up to 12" (30 cm), Base coats 9" at 16-26psi

• Stainless Steel Paint Passage
• Replaceable Teflon™ Needle Packing
• Pre-Set Needle Adjustment
• Air Pressure Adjustment
• Fan Pattern Adjustment
• Catridge-Style Air Valve Set
• Round to long Fan Pattern Air Cap



Special Price with purchase of Iwata Spray Gun Only . Bench or Wall Mount Filling Station Stand for your HVLP Gravity Feed Gun

SUPER SALE: w/ Purchase of this GUN: $9.00


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