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Original LVLP Precision Engineering from JAPAN
#1 Spray Gun Company of Japan

Finest Spray Guns in the World From Japan

4020 Spray gundream
What is the difference between the Iwata LPH400LV & Hybrid Spray Guns?
Compare Iwata LPH400LV & Super Nova & HyBrid LVLP Guns - see below

What makes Iwata LPH400LV and Hybrid beter than German Green HVLP and Blue Guns? Patented Double Atomization = Lowest overspray levels of any spray gun on the market - Arguably Finest Finisher Available - Japanese Precision with Gun and Pattern Control = More Control - Made in Japan

Can base coat gold or orange setup spray clear Coats? The gold aircap can shoot clears about as well as any HVLP spray gun on the market. So it is good enough until you try the silver which will lay even flatter than any HVLP spray gun on the market. (purple does not shoot clear)

Can the silver clear coat aircap lay base coat? - Yes, the only problem it has is with metallics. While it is good enough for most jobs, the gold is better. However, for flat colors the Silver is perfectly fine.


The LPH400LV & Super Nova Do not Share Parts
Conclusions see bottom of page.


Low Air Consumption LVLP


Currently the #1 Clear Coat Gun on the Market - Yes, better than Sa t*

Recommended for MotorCycles and Show Cars and Standard Duty Body Shops - Multiple Air caps for Great Versatility

Benefits: Low CFM Consumption - Extreme Material Savings - Extreme Control - Specialty Purple Air cap for light colored Metallic's.

Benefits: Universal Fittings & lots of aftermarket parts, all widely available. Others have copied this design and you can get inexpensive parts. Beats German Sa t *.


Developed for use with 90-95% of base coat colors and engineered to provide increased productivity in application for solvent or waterborne base coats

130 Flow rate - 12"

Light Colored - Gold and Silver and Blue Metallic's - Specialty Metallic Base Conversion LVB remains the set-up for the most difficult or complex colors and metallic's
8CFM - 13"+ Fan Whopping 14 PSI Inlet Super Soft - 100 flow rate - It is too slow for everyday work, but used for your most difficult jobs. Not too slow for light duty body shop.
*Air Consumption 7-9 CFM
Fan Pattern Max 11"
Flow Rate 130 ML / Minute



Recommended for MotorCycles and Show Cars and Standard Duty Body shop Painters - Greatest Material Savings and Extreme Control - Great New Shape but with a fat trigger.

Benefits: Larger Air cap - xtra Wide Fan Pattern Ability + Great Material Saving + Extreme Control for Extra Detail.


Air Consumption 9-11 CFM
*Fan Pattern Max 12.5"
Flow Rate 130 ML / Minute


Recommended for Production Body shops or Large Coverage Trucks and Trailers - 10% -15% faster
Get Your Work Done Super Fast

When you need the Speed of the Older Conventional Guns (not quite) But want it with Low Over spray Look here.

Air Consumption 11-14 CFM
Fan Pattern Max 11.5"
*Flow Rate 145 ML / Minute



LPH400LV - #1 for a long time. Logical Upgrade paths for aircaps, cups and parts - Great for Lower CFM Compressors will run on as little as 6cfm. Slightly Smaller Gun Handle great for MotorCycles w/ 400cc cup option.

Super Nova - Great upgrade choice if you like the LPH400LV and want a Wider Fan Pattern w/ the newest Ergo Dynamic gun , Excellent aerodynamics, and Best Control to speed ballance. Best choice if you have a large compressor - Standard Duty Body Shops. We suggest the Standard Super Nova Gold for Base over the Super Nova Hybrid Gold for more control and a softer spray.

HyBrid - Best Choice if you are a conventional user or need the Speed for Production Work or need larger coverage for trailers, aircraft, boats, etc.
We Suggest the HyBrid Silver for Clears for Body Shops and All Overs.
Standard Super Nova Silver for Home Users or Panel Painters

All Beat German Sa T*



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