• Stainless Fluid Tips and Needles Brass Air Caps superior compatibility with all industrial spray coatings

• No baffle design reduces the number of parts

• Enhanced needle packing assembly adjustable

• Lighter more controlled trigger pull tension. Forged aluminum alloy gun body heavily anodized for ruggedness and long working life

• Wider hook opening

• Ultra lightweight ergonomic design lighter than major competitors at only 14.6 oz

• Increased finger space in trigger area

• comfortable operator friendly trigger design with reduced trigger travel from air on to fully open

• curved handel design provides superior operator fit and feel with reduced operator fatigue


Now you don't have to decide between Technologies: Compact All In One - compacts come with BOTH the HVLP and Transtech aircap. A bonus for you. Yes, they are exactly the same gun as the green version only blue and with an extra $50.00 air cap for free.

DEVILBISS SUCTION FEED - Transtech Technology & HVLP
Now you don't have to decide between Plus ((Reduced Pressure)) and HVLP technology - All in 1 gun, you get the best of both worlds. Stainless Steel perfect for waterbased as well as solvent base.

- DEVCVi Compact Stainless Steel
GRAVITY SPRAY GUN/Suction CUP/1.6 & 2.0 tip sets/2 AIR CAPS HVLP & TransTech
Your Cost: ON SPECIAL!

No 2nd day air orders please.

Special Price: $325.00

• Revolutionary! Two air caps with one gun. - Trans-Tech High Efficiency Technology (#510) - HVLP (#505 Also known as #506)
• Comfortable and lightweight, with ergonomic handle.
• 1.6 & 2.0 mm fluid tip
• 29 PSI inlet for Transtech air cap
• 18 PSI inlet for HVLP air cap
• New Compact Lightweight Handle Design

• Gun can operate on as little as 10CFM (7 for panel work) with Transtech Air Cap
• Renown DeViilbiss atomization quality and paint distribution
• Robust construction with forged aluminum body for a long working life

Beautiful Fan pattern:


Air Inlet Pressure 29psi
Air Consumption (510 Air Cap) 283 l/min (10cfm) (7 for panel work)
Air Inlet Thread 1/4” Universal (m)
Cup Capacity 1 litre
Weight 435 gm
Air Cap & Ring Plated Brass
Fluid Tip Stainless Steel
Fluid Needle Stainless Steel


Basecoat materials don’t like being over-atomised. Too much air pressure changes the way the metallic flakes lie down in the paint film and this can affect the final colour shade/match. DeVilbiss HVLP (high volume, low pressure) spray guns operate at 29 psi gun inlet pressure but only 10 psi air cap pressure and this gives optimum top quality finishes with boith waterborne or solventborne basecoats. HVLP produces a softer spray-out with a nice even distribution in a longer pattern to give good material lay-down and wetnesss. The soft pattern with tapered ends virtually eliminates banding and mottling, particularly on lighter-shade metallics.

Trans-Tech (Plus (Reduced Pressure)) technology

DeVilbiss introduced this alternative high efficiency, compliant atomisation process to Automotive Refinishing in the late nineties. Trans-Tech simply means “Transfer-efficient Technology”. This atomisation technology provides the familiar performance of the legendary JGA gun, yet fully complies with the Environmental Protection Act legislation in respect of being in excess of 65% paint transfer efficiency despite the same 29 psi gun inlet pressure. Trans-Tech perfectly combines speed of working with large spray pattern sizes and fine atomisation for the clear coats, single layer top coats and primers, fillers and surfacers.

Don't get Dirt and Oil in Your Finish
Filters for your Air

MotorGuard Filter Special w/ Purchase of DeVilbiss Spray Gun
Special Price with purchase of Spray Gun. 2 Pack Filters that go on the bottom of the gun. (Filter Only - Regulator Sold Separately)

SUPER SALE: 2 Pack w/ Purchase of this GUN: $7.25




1.8 Tip Set
Special Price with purchase of Spray Gun Only

SUPER SALE: Tip Set Only / Purchase of this GUN: $68.00