WHAT IS CPR - AKA (Reduced Pressure) R-P, TransTech, Hi-Tech, Plus, Complaint , CG etc.

cpr technology

CAT has had several years to review and study the competition


CPR - AKA R-P, Trans-Tech (Plus (Reduced Pressure), Hi-Tech, Plus) technology - Created for the Professional Painter

One of the newest technologies on the market, initially DeVilbiss introduced this alternative high efficiency, compliant atomization process to Automotive Refinishing in 2003. Trans-Tech simply means “Transfer-efficient Technology”. This atomization technology provides the familiar performance of the legendary JGA gun and its competitors like the model 7 and newer 2001, yet fully complies with the Environmental Protection Act legislation in respect of being in excess of 65% paint transfer efficiency despite the same 29 psi gun inlet pressure. Trans-Tech perfectly combines speed of working with large spray pattern sizes and fine atomization for the clear coats, single layer top coats and primers, fillers and surfacers. Please check with your local EPA for full complaince rules, exceptions apply.

Most Manufacturers now carry Reduced Pressure Guns as an alternative to conventional guns and HVLP. They are meant for professionals who want the best balance of fast working speed, superior atomization for clears and flat colors and super low overspray levels. Unfortunately, they are also among the most expensive guns on the market. Luckily you get what you pay for. highly recommends (Reduced Pressure) technology to its customers.

CAT has had several years to review and study the competition. Coming out the last of hte major spray gun companies. CAT has taken its time to perfect the Reduced Pressure Technology. Introduced in 2010 CAT now has the most advanced R-P Reduced Pressure Gun on the market. Fully convertible between common HVLP and New CPR Reduced Pressure this gun provies the best of both worlds. HVLP material savings, and CPR for speed power and finish quality. All USA with less parts than the competition, The New CPR Series proves to be one of the absolute finest Reduced Pressure Guns Available today.


Plus, CVI
Razor, CG
(Reduced Pressure) Blue
W400LV, W200, W100