HVLP CAT Mini-SprayJet Kit





CATechnologies - HVLP Mini SprayJet
Deluxe Kit

Spray Gun & Glazing Kit
Everything you need to Spray in one kit

Your Cost: ON SPECIAL!

Deluxe Gun Kit Comes w/ 1.0 & 1.2 tip sets, Glazing Setup, aluminum cup & plastic cup & case
SUPER SALE: $235.00

air caps

• CAT took the guesswork out of Mini-Sprayjet Spray guns. Everything you need to spray from thin material to thick material and glazing is included in this package, along with an aluminum cup & plastic cup - all standard.

• New! Save Time! No more wiping! CAT Glazing Kit included in case: (60-TJR-21) New Glazing tip set can be used for other speciality applications also. The most precise glazing kit on the market.

At SprayGunWorld, we waited a long time for a manufacture to provide a complete and professional mini gun system at a reasonable price point. We compared this gun against $400 Plus Mini Spray jets at double the price and were highly impressed. We cannot recommend this gun system enough. At any price point, this gun compares with the finest mini guns in the world.

• For Wood you can use 1.0 for thinner wood products and 1.2 for thicker lacquers, waterbase and urethanes. You can even spray thinned latex.

• Low Air consumption of 3.5 CFM

• Built in air adjusting valve and Teflon needle packing

• For other applications, having all the tips and cups in this mater kit, allows for great versatility and avoids the guess work out of having the correct tool on hand.

glazing woodworking

Comes with 2 tip sets, extra glazing setup, 250cc aluminum cup, 250cc plastic cup & Carrying Case

14 oz larger cup for full sized work
8oz cup

Double Sized Cup Set
Your Cost: ON SPECIAL! $25.00

400cc aluminum Cup

mini reg

.8 Tip and Needle

SUPER SALE: w/ Purchase of this GUN only: $28.00

CAT - Mini Sprayjet HVLP SPRAY GUN