RC Guns


Guns for the professional and serious hobbyist.

Want your RC to look like a Real Car, Plane or boat?
It's all in the presentation!

"This year, I gave up and purchased a professional gun... and all I can say is what a difference!!!!"

"I've bought cheaper tools in the past and many times you end up spending more because you have to go out and buy the same tool again except a better brand or model because the first one was a piece of junk, but it was cheap...The higher quality guns, especially the good HVLP's in my experience, allow you to be much more precise in the amount put into the gun and also onto the airplane."


For RC compressor size is not as relevant. Any $50.00 or more compressor should be sufficient. A compressor that puts out 1.8CFM@40 more more should work fine. On larger 1/3 scale RC's you want to get a 1 to 1 1/2 HP compressor or greater.


Due to the internal workings of these guns they operate with smaller tip sizes.
.8 Standard for Base/clear for RC
1.0 Standard for larger RC and single stage paints
1.2 Latex Paints



It's "the" gun for small jobs and design work. 8" Fan

Recommended* European Spray Waterbase/ Solvent Based Mini WB Lower Air requirements. Superior finish. Variable fan control, fluid adjustment and built-in air micrometer Inlet pressure. SprayGunWorld: Wow! What a gun. If you are looking for a mini gun with a 8" fan pattern look no further. Simply the best atomization in mini gun. Our choice for serious custom paint designers and detailers. .8 RC Base/Clear & 1.0 for Single Stage Paints 1.2 for Latex Paints. See the Astro version 4020 for a cheaper alternative.

Also has multi cup design set for the design professional

"I have worked in the auto body feild for over 17 years. Get the German Spray mini gun or the full size gun...any gun by German Spray is the best on the market. I paint cars every day of the week and that is the only gun I use. They are pricy but they are the best."

"The thing I like about the German Spray is the pattern seems a whole lot easier to control. On the Walcom the best I could get was a 4" wide fan but the German Spray will go about 6". The German Spray will also really flow some paint"

Best Spray Gun in its Class 4 1/2" Fan

Recommended* 4020 Lower Air requirements. Superior finish. Variable fan control, fluid adjustment. SprayGunWorld: Similar to the German Spray MiniSprayjet this gun is the professional spayer for those on a budget. .8 RC Base/Clear & 1.0 for Single Stage Paints 1.2 for Latex Paints.

"I was on a budget but I wanted to get a great finish. I purchased the Astro and was suprised at how good the finish quality is. I heard these guns are a copy of the German Spray Mini Sprayjet, but I have not tried a German Spray before. All I can say is, I am really happy I found the Asto mini gun."


Recommended*Sharpe Finex 100 Pt#248752 Well-balanced and lightweight for reduced painter fatigue. High-end features at an affordable price. Built-in air micrometer, Variable fan control SprayGunWorld: We looked for the lowest priced gun that would still provide the quality a professional or serious hobbyist would expect. These guns are very popular due to their price point. We highly recommend them. .8 RC Base/Clear & 1.0 for Single Stage Paints

Best Gun for LARGE RC

Recommended* SRI630G Lower Air requirements. Designed for the automotive industry with replaceable cups. Built-in air micrometer, Variable fan control, and varied pattern shape for blending. SprayGunWorld: A little larger gun for larger RC's. Fit, feel, and comfort of a full size gun, with the light weight and maneuverability of a small gun Extremely versatile – Pattern size adjustable to 8”, making the SRi ideal for spot and panel repairs, door jambs, and difficult-to-reach areas. .8 RC Base/Clear & 1.0 for Single Stage Paints & for latex see choice 1 & 2.

"I tried the HVLP gun from Harbor Freight, and was quite unhappy with it. No matter what I did, it didn't atomize or lay down paint like the Badger. This year, I gave up and purchased a professional gun. I bought the DeVilbiss HVLP GRAVITY SPOT REPAIR GUN, and all I can say is what a difference!!!! Absolutely the nicest spray gun I've ever used. Expensive? Yes. But my time, and the cost of the materials, make it a pleasure to put down a nice finish so easily... Best purchase I ever made. In this case, quality really does matter."


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