Today's high-tech wet-look paints just don't look right on classic airplanes. They are still using dope on fabric for real vintage plane restorations. Those grand old flying machines had satin-smooth finishes that looked deep without the candy coating look on it. The secret to those finishes was the cellulose dope. You can get dope, etc. from aircraft supply companies.


Protect yourself with a Professional Fresh Air System Here - Do not steal power from your already under powered turbine units.
Typical Application uses a 1.4 -1.8 Gravity Feed Spray Gun or a 1.0 -1.4 Pressure Feed System.

Aircraft are general sprayed with 1.3-1.6 tip set gravity or 
1.0-1.4 pressure feed

1.4 (Reduced Pressure) guns are our favorite for aircraft application

Dope is similar and should be sprayed with a 1.4-1.8 tip set (Reduced Pressure) or HVLP or LVLP gravity or 1.0-1.4 pressure feed.

If your dope mixture comes out heavier than a thick cream then opt for a larger tip set 1.5-1.8 gravity 1.2-1.4 Pressure.

Here are some recomendations for DOPE

If you own a compressor or can purchase one for $200 or more - you may benefit from a hi-end professional conversion gun. Here are Some Sample Complete Kits Put Together with Fresh Air Systems


Smaller Compressor
Low 3CFM
Standard 110v Compressor
Low 5-7 CFM
8CFM COMPRESSOR or Larger 220v Compressor No Compressor
Turbine 4 Stage

Mini Spray Gun w/ Larger Cup
While it is recommended to get access to a larger compressor, if you don't mind working with a 6"-7" fan pattern this will get the same quality results are larger spray guns at 10"-12" fans


For decent results we suggest a 4 or 5 stage turbine only. For portability turbines are terrific, turbines typically weigh in at 20 lbs while, for example, a compressor we like for conventional HVLP starts at 38lbs. wb

Gun Only (Suggested 1.5)

Complete Case as Shown

Pressure Pot Setup


We Recommend the Low CFM Gun Leader with the best Low CFM Guns on the market.


New Reduced Pressure - this is our favorite Kit for those who want a little finer finish over HLVP and do not have HVLP restrctions in their area.
1.3, 1.4, 1.7 suggested



This is our favorite HVLP Kit for those who want low overspray HVLP.
1.3, 1.5 / 1.4, 1.8 suggested



Our Least Expensive Setup, Compares to Finishline III

r Series

Gun Only

d overspray was a problem. A new technology was introduced: High-volume, Low-pressure (HVLP). The pressure used in these systems to atomize the paint is much lower (3-5psi). The paint cup is pressurized forcing material to the nozzle. As a result, the overspray problem is minimized. Most of the paint actually adheres to the surface being painted instead of bouncing off and collecting elsewhere. To achieve this advantage a HVLP spray gun must be machined to a higher degree than an ordinary spray gun. Hence the higher cost of very good HVLP guns. The HVLP spray gun is designed to gather the air inside the gun and send it downstream with as little pressure drop as possible. This means careful machining must be carried out to reduce turbulence that impedes airflow. In older pressure guns if a passage was too small you simply increased the pressure and solved the problem. That means conventional spray guns do not have to be machined to exact specifications.

Advantages of the HVLP system. 1) overspray is reduced dramatically. That means a saving in coatings typically of about 35-50%. 2) HVLP systems enable the beginning painter to achieve a professional looking finish. They are easier to use than conventional spray outfits. Individuals who have experience painting with conventional spray outfits will have to learn the different techniques required to use HVLP systems. HVLP systems expend heavier amounts of material than conventional guns. This, of course, means different techniques.

Until Now. Now there is an option of Reduced Pressure Guns, these guns act similar to standard conventional guns and therefore no new learning technique is necessary. However, with the incorporatino of modern technology they too produce lower overspray levels similar to HVLP. They are very popular among older painters.

This is a top low cost choice.


Gun Only

Master Case as Shown Above


Our Finest Period
Superior to the Mach 1 Gauranteed

CPR by CA Technologies



Equal to but a better deal than the Mach 1 - Why get this one? it will work on as little as 6cfm if necessary





Please get SGW Package with hose extention and 1.0 (#3) & 1.4 (#4)nozzle set for optimum finish quality


* Cockpit - Mini guns are great for Cockpits and tight areas. We also carry 4 oz and 12 oz cups for your full size spray Guns and full size guns can use 6-9oz disposables by 3M or DeVilbiss - line


Have Fun!