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ProfessorSpray helpWant real answers? Please call Professor Spray - x 203. Professor Spray will be happy to help you with your spray gun questions or setups. (Please be patient as he handles many calls daily). You may also email your questions at (Need help? also see the Help Section Below) (¿Necesitas asistencia en español? llamanos: 1-815-1934 Pregunta por: Veronica M-F 10:00am-2:00pm PST).

The guns we recommend have been tried and tested by other wood craftsmen like yourself. We listen to your feedback and offer systems that WORK FOR WOOD! Often, local stores will sell you spray guns with an incorrect tip set! and have no clue that there is a differences in wood material and coatings versus other coatings such as automotive! Such guns will not work well for you...

All our guns at SGW have been chosen for spray quality. Every gun purchased can be used by professional or serious hobbyist with confidence. Have fun with our Wizard - For further question and the lattest updates, please feel free to contact Professor Spray x 203.

4 Step Wizard

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*Please note: Not all guns are listed here. This is just a starting point. You may choose any of our guns with the correct tip sizes. Please call the Professor for latest updates.

Also this wizard does not cover conventional spray guns. Only lvlp, hvlp & newer Transtech (Reduced Pressure) Plus styles.