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Overspray is wasted money! It is the paint that is lost in the air due to the atomization process. If you are using conventional equipment it is estimated you could be wasting about 30% to as much as 70% of your paint. Unless you have a recapturing facility - that's money down the drain. While there still is a place for conventional equipment like thicker industrial materials. For the fine finishing market, there are many new technologies available to you to lower overspray levels and reduce costs. There are even "green guns" which reduce energy consumption by over 50%. For a larger facility this adds up to a lot of money. Ask us how...

With the cost of paints going up - it's time to bring overspray waste down!

"I Like Convetional!" - If you are a tried and true conventional sprayer and do not like HVLP - At least look at the new conventional guns which provide the same feel of older equipment while using modern technology to decrease overspray levels.

Confused by False Claims? One reason for differing advice is advancements in technology and lower overspray levels. For example, original HVLP struggled handily to get 65% transfer efficiency. But as you can see from the chart below, HVLP is now up to as much as 75% transfer efficiency. And there is also the Japanese LVLP technology which claims as much as 85% transfer efficiency.

In addition, a lot depends on how you operate the gun. Some operate their guns incorrectly in order to minimize overspray. This produces an inferior finish, but does lower overspray levels.


Notice Conventional Air Spray and Airless Systems are wasting a lot of paint and cannot be operated at "green" levels as defined by the Government.

In the real world things are different.

This is our real world expectations.

Conventional 35%
Airless 40%


AA Air Assisted Airless 65%
HVLP 70%
LVLP 75%
R-P 65%
Turbine 70%
Electrostatic 85%

If you operate the gun for least amount of overspray - This is our real world expectations.

Conventional 40%
Airless 45%


Air Assisted Airless AAA 75%
HVLP 75%
LVLP 85%
R-P 70%
Turbine 75%
Electrostatic 90%