Gel Coat (Gel Coat See Here) to 2 part Eppoxies to Urethanes - want to add flames on your jetski? We know a well finished boat or watercraft is your pride and joy. Check out our spray guns for different marine applications. Using a high quality professional sprayer will allow you to finish quickly with almost no sanding and buffing and create a spectacular shinny finish on your boat or watercraft.

Here are some great paint manufacturers.

See AwlGrips Application Guide for great tips
system 3
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system 3
Waterbase = ease of use = system three

SGW: Some manufacturers recommend against HVLP sprayers. We agree, but due to the cost of marine paint we also recommend against Conventional equipment.

Check out the New Conventional Hybrids or Reduced Pressure Guns as the best alternative for pros and semi pros alike. These RP guns will give you the power of conventional equipment but also are complaint and have low overspray like HVLP.

We carry the top names in the spray gun industry. Be sure to ask us what gun to use. The manufacturer generally suggests only a few guns and many are overpriced German Models. We have equal or better guns at all price ranges depending on your need. Please ask us.


Do not try to save money on painting equipment. High quality paint spray guns produce high quality finishes. There are four basic methods of applying paints. They are: (1) Turbine HVLP (2) Compressor driven conventional and High-Volume, Low-Pressure (HVLP) systems, (3) Air Assisted Airless, (4) electrostatic spraying (5) Airless spraying - not used. We have some great solutions in each category.

Below is for clears and colors on your boats - Gel Coat See Here

Turbine HVLP
Recommended for Portability
Conventional HVLP Spray Systems
Most Common Recommended
Electro Static
Recommended Large Boats or Facilities


Spray Anywhere with HVLP Turbine Units. Requires only a 110v outlet. We have a great QUIET 4 Stage Turbine unit

We recommend a .8-1.1 Tip set for clear work.

not recommended for Gel Coat



For decent results we suggest a 4 or 5 stage turbine only. Units are completely self contained and portable. They can been kept on your boat for use anytime, anywhere. Turbines typically weigh in at 20 lbs while, for example, a compressor we like for conventional HVLP starts at 38lbs.

An air compressor is not used with the turbine HVLP system. Instead, the system is equipped with a turbine not unlike your vacuum cleaner. In fact, years ago Electrolux supplied a sprayer attachment with their vacuum cleaner. Evidently that was the first HVLP system. The turbine need only supply a large volume of air to the gun to work effectively, high pressure is not necessary. All that is needed is an air source that emits about 50 cubic feet per minute of air at less than 10 psi that is sufficient to power the HVLP spray gun. A turbine is a high-speed centrifugal blower motor operating near 20,000 RPM. Because of the high RPM the air is heated due to the friction. This heat serves to eliminate all moisture from the atomizing air. A HVLP system is sold with a turbine, hose, and spray gun. The majority of the cost is found in the spray gun and not the turbine due to the machining requirements of the gun.


This is the most common and highly recommended system for an aircraft builder to use.


Variant systems are LVLP, HVLP, and Reduced Pressure guns - Conventional guns are outdated due to their high overspray levels.

The conventional system uses a high pressure source, usually an air compressor. They produce an excellent finish, however, they also produce a bunch of overspray. With the advent of HVLP and Reduced Pressure Guns, these are no longer strongly recommended.

High Volume, Low Pressure Systems and Similar LVLP and R-P

Waste and overspray was a problem. A new technology was introduced: High-volume, Low-pressure (HVLP). The pressure used in these systems to atomize the paint is much lower (3-5psi). The paint cup is pressurized forcing material to the nozzle. As a result, the overspray problem is minimized. Most of the paint actually adheres to the surface being painted instead of bouncing off and collecting elsewhere. To achieve this advantage a HVLP spray gun must be machined to a higher degree than an ordinary spray gun. Hence the higher cost of very good HVLP guns. The HVLP spray gun is designed to gather the air inside the gun and send it downstream with as little pressure drop as possible. This means careful machining must be carried out to reduce turbulence that impedes airflow. In older pressure guns if a passage was too small you simply increased the pressure and solved the problem. That means conventional spray guns do not have to be machined to exact specifications.

Advantages of the HVLP system. 1) overspray is reduced dramatically. That means a saving in coatings typically of about 35-50%. 2) HVLP systems enable the beginning painter to achieve a professional looking finish. They are easier to use than conventional spray outfits. Individuals who have experience painting with conventional spray outfits will have to learn the different techniques required to use HVLP systems. HVLP systems expend heavier amounts of material than conventional guns. This, of course, means different techniques.

Until Now. Now there is an option of Reduced Pressure Guns, these guns act similar to standard conventional guns and therefore no new learning technique is necessary. However, with the incorporatino of modern technology they too produce lower overspray levels similar to HVLP. They are very popular among older painters.


Electrostatic spraying are used primarily in production work and other factory applications.


Electrostatic spray systems charge the paint at the tip. A high voltage difference is set up between the paint and the object to be painted. The charge attracts the particles of paint and they wrap around the object. Typical overspray is reduced t 85-90% transfer efficiency. They are however expensive.

If you are interested we carry the best electrostatic system from Japan. Save $2000 over comparable systems of American Companies with arguably better results. Click Here Less than $4,000.00