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latex paint
DIY - Latex

Don't use a Wagner for fine finishing

Pressure Feed Guns have the benefit of unlimited paint capacity. In fact the traditional 2 1/2 gallon pot takes a 1 gallon paint pot dropped right in. Less expensive 2 Quart pots are also a great bargain for larger paint capacity.

We have guns that operate at all CFM ranges. On the small compressor side the pressure setup mini guns will operate on 3CFM. This is a great choice, if you don't mind the smaller 6'-7" fan pattern.

Our top choice for a great price is the X Series II. This is a truly fantastic professional gun at a very great price point. You will not find another at this price point all stainless steel. It is also a "green" spray gun and operates on as little as 4CFM with no compromise on finish quality. A true winner for the seriuos DYI and professional contractor.

We also have heavy duty guns with lifetime warranties and the like.

We recommend a 1.5 tip set for cabinet work. We have found this to be the best tip size for thicker latex and heavy enamels under pressure. A 1.6 is also a good choice. If you plan on doing outside painting then a 1.7 or 1.8 will be suitible for white lawn furniture and that type of finishing, but for fine finishing stick to the 1.5.




Tip Selections Recommendations for Fine Finish.
For Walls and Airless HVLP applications add .2-.3 in mm size

1.4-1.5 for Pressure Feed and Mini Guns.
2.0-2.5 for Gravity Feed Guns.
2.2-2.8 Siphon Feed (siphon not recommended)

gem mini gun

These Guns Can be used with all sizes of pressure pots 2 Quart, 2 1/2 gallon pots that take a drop in of a 1 gallon or 1 quart pale of paint.
X Series *Top Choice
Professional Stainless Steel
Super Low CFM HVLP
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wb case *Top Choice
Now in Complete Case Fine Finish & Latex
Professional Stainless Steel
Super Low CFM HVLP
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wb mini DIY - PRO Low Cost Low CFM Latex 1.5
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wb mini PRO Low Cost Low CFM Latex 1.5
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minigun case
wb mini


Complete Mini Gun only

Water and solvent based spray gun
1.2, 1.5
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jaguar Industrial Grade 318 Stainless Steel for HEAVY DUTY CONTRACTOR work - Low CFM Top of the line HVLP 1.5
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Production 1.5 Tip Set Top of the line USA
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Other Notables 1.4 for thinned enamels and latex
spray vantage Best Bargain Binks SV 100 Pressure Feed
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