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DIY - Latex

Don't use a Wagner for fine finishing

We carry the Latex Master WB. This is simply the best choice for latex home spraying. Outfitted with the best spread of tip sets a 2.0 and a 2.5 along with being all stainless steel, low CFM requirements, and superior spray quality, nothing can beat the Latex Master. We don't go much farther, its "as good as it gets" so to speak.

If you are a heavy duty contractor you might benefit from the large fan and speed of the K1-HTE.

Common wagner or consumer like tools are meant for spraying the interior or exterior of homes. They are not concerned with fine finish quality but rather speed and application on large surface areas. While the price of a wagner and similar power painters are attractive they are really for differing purposes. Professional Spray guns and HVLP spray guns are for people looking for factory finishes on their cabinets, trim and crown molding, doors, mantles, frames, etc. They can be relatively inexpensive i.e around $100 and up, but they produce a finish that looks like it came directly from the factory. And not like it was painted by a brush or handyman.

At SprayGunWorld we specialize in spray equipment. The Latex market is not as big and therefore we had to look hard to put together some great recommendations for those who want to spray their house with thicker house paints and even rustolum. As always, many of our guns come with multiple tip options so you can do other work as well. This greatly increases the value of your purchase from us. We carry most of the different sizes for your gun, while others do not or don't even know what size you should spray with.

Ask your local salesmen what size in mm or SAE that he recommends for latex and you will get all sorts of strange answers from, it can't be done, to 1.8mm all wrong.

Here is our advice

Tip Selections Recommendations for Fine Finishing
1.4-1.5 for Pressure Feed and Mini Guns.
2.0-2.5 for Gravity Feed Guns.
2.2-2.8 Siphon Feed (siphon not recommended)

You will still have to thin your paint by 10%-30% to get greater movement in your paint. We recommend a mixture of water and Floetro for waterbased latex paints. There is also penetrol for solvent based enamels.




Tip Selections Recommendations
1.4-1.5 for Pressure Feed and Mini Guns.
2.0-2.5 for Gravity Feed Guns.
2.2-2.8 Siphon Feed (siphon not recommended)

gem mini gun
wb mini

Our Finest Case See Kit #3
Water and solvent based spray gun
2.0 & 2.5 tip set
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finishline III

Lowest Priced DIY - PRO Low CFM Latex Master Model
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wb mini

Industrial Application 318 Grade Stainless Steel. Great for large contractors. K1 HTE
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2.0 & 2.5 setup

wb mini CFM 8-11 Industrial Reduced Pressure Latex Gun
for Hi-Speed, Hi-Production Work 2.5 tip set. Great for large contractors. Sharpe Razor CG

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Low Cost Professional USA Latex Gun 2.2 tip set

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finishline III Popular DeVilbiss 1.8 & 2.2 tip Gun
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