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Don't use a Wagner for fine finishing

Mini Guns have a typical spray pattern of up to almost nothing to 4". Some of the more expensive minis on the market today claim up to 9", but you can expect about 6-7" in reality. Our favorite Minis have pressure pot conversions so you can hook the gun up to a larger pressure pot if you want to use a small compressor and do not mind the 6-7" fan pattern.

Our top recomendation is the WB kit. Not only is it the best mini gun on the market - all stainless steel, it is also the only mini that has a 1.5 tip set. This is a perfect size for a mini gun. While you can use 1.4 to good effect, it should be noted that common 1.0 and 1.2 mini guns should be avoided as you will only get a 2" dry pattern which is not very useful.





Tip Selections Recommendations
1.4-1.5 for Pressure Feed and Mini Guns. 1.5 is better
2.0-2.5 for Gravity Feed Guns.
2.2-2.8 Siphon Feed (siphon not recommended)

gem mini gun
wb mini The Finest
This is a fantastic Mini Gun Master Kit that sprays latex well. One of the only on the market. It is everything you expect!

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wb mini WB Gun Only
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tjr mini Low Cost Professional Wood Kit
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