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1.4 EVO4014 / 1.8 EVO4018


What is LVLP?

Want HVLP performance, but with less air requirements? and even lower overspray levels? Welcome to LVLP.

LVLP is great for painters who want all the benefits of HVLP but with less air requirements. Automotive or Wood painters who do not have a large air compressor will now be able to achieve a professional finish and paint an entire car or very large surfaces "HVLP Style" without stopping. You can get away with an inexpensive 110v compressors from Sears and the like, 7CFM@40 (or even less for wood 5 CFM@40). LVLP is also good for mobile painters due to the smaller air requirements and low overspray (discussed below).

Note: for woodworkers, pausing is not as big an issue and compressor size is less important UNTIL you fall under the 7CFM@40 mark, then LVLP guns are a great alternative to Low Air HVLP guns or Reduced Pressure Guns. (On a side note: for 6CFM-8CFM we also recommend looking at Reduced Pressure HTE (RP-HTE) guns, especially for people who are used to traditional conventional equipment, or those who like or need a fast working speed. Devilibss Plus or any of our European Guns with HTE Technology are terrific Reduced Pressure and a top choice for wood workers.) Over 8CFM and you can use most any technology you wish, You can comfortably use some of the full sized, more power hungry HVLP guns.

The second benefit of LVLP is the low overspray levels. The designation for LVLP is Low Volume, LOW Pressure. An LVLP Spray Gun can operate at less than 10 psi at the nozzle cap as compared to HVLP which operates at 10 psi at the air cap and is usually pushed higher by the user for better atomization. LVLP has a transfer efficiency well over 70%-80% (5%-10% higher than HVLPs) of putting the paint onto the surface being coated. This means very little overspray will be produced, saving on paint cost and environmental hazards.

The major drawbacks of LVLP guns are a slight reduction in speed (see RP HTE guns to solve this problem) and a little reduction in fan pattern width (typically maxing out at 10"-11" - Fan size is not an issue for most woodworkers).

What this means to you...

What is LVLP?
1)  LVLP uses a lower volume of air to atomize the paint at the cap. LVLP compensates for the lack of air with a precision air cap that acts like a bunch of tiny sharpe knifes that cuts your material. By using a lower volume of air, it means you can operate your LVLP gun with less CFM and a smaller compressor, usually about 3-4CFM less than HVLP. (Note: Reduced Pressure,HTE, CG,Plus or reduced pressure guns also use less inlet CFM than HVLP, usually about 1-2CFM less than HVLP - It seem un-intuitive, but it is a matter of engineering design). Therefore, you can operate either LVLP or Reduced Pressure HTE guns typically with a smaller air compressor than standard HVLP guns - 2-3 hp is still recommended, but 1 1/2 can get you by.

Note: In ranking both LVLP and LVLP Style HVLP and Reduced Pressure Transtech HTE guns with their super fast speed both out spray most standard HVLP guns consuming 10-15CFM. However, assuming you get top of the line equipment, in true world tests, you will not be able to tell the difference in finish quality with the top LVLP guns we have at, RP Transtech HTE and HVLP Guns. Inotherwords, LVLP Guns are amazingly professional, spray an amazing finish while using little air, have the highest material savings of all guns (even better than HVLP gun) and provide good control. The only real down side to LVLP is its slight reduction in spraying speed. *Note: Woodworkers without a booth, with a smaller compressor and who take their time spraying may like the low overspray of LVLP.

3) Why an HVLP or LVLP? Today, HVLP is most common spray gun on the market. HVLP has a very long track record and good guns have become available at lower prices.

In favor of LVLP, LVLP has a softer spray with the lowest overspray levels on the market, and assuming LVLP guns are maintained well, they are a joy to work with. Also, for auto painters with small compressors, LVLP give you another option besides Low air HVLP or Reduced Pressure (reduced pressure guns) to paint an entire car nonstop. LVLP are also great for mobile workers who spray outdoors or in car lots. For woodworkers and LVLP allows you to get a professional result with very small compressors even under 6CFM@40psi. And those spraying on location or inside your own home, will appreciate the lower overspray levels. LVLP guns and HVLP guns based on LVLP technology have the least amount of overspray or all guns on the market. The 5%-10% in higher transfer efficiency over HVLP and as much as 15% over Transtech HTE make LVLP a top choice for those where overspray might be an issue.

In favor of HVLP, HVLP is most common spray gun on the market. HVLP has a very long track record and good guns have become available at lower prices.

4) What about Reduced Pressure, HTE, CG, Transtech, and PLUS? In a large shop environment where speed is the most important factor, we prefer Reduced Pressure, HTE style guns for wood, boat, plane, industrial and even auto. Many of our guns are now convertible to switch between technologies. Reduced Pressure guns have the benefit of operating with a relatively small compressor and provide arguably a better finish quality over HVLP. Having the fastest working speed of all the technologies mentioned, is also an important factor for a professional - but maybe not as important for a smaller production level or serious hobbyist who might like the slower more artist controlled spray of an LVLP gun.

In the end, however, when you purchase any professional gun from our site the differences are slight. So do not be overly concerned about which technology you go with or ask us your questions. Since we only carry the best spray guns on the market, you will be happy with your choice.

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Finest LVLP in the World - best money can buy
Europe's Best the Optima Spray Gun Series

Sharpe Razor LVLP 1.4 Standard Auto
/ Sharpe Razor LVLP 1.6 Standard Wood
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1.4 EVO4014 / 1.8 EVO4018