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Helpful Spray Finishing Hints & Problem Solving

1.Paint Preparation
Always prepare paint in a clean, dust-free environment. Paint has a remarkable ability to pick up dirt. Dirty paint will not only clog your spray gun, but it will also ruin your paint job. Get in the habit of always pouring paint into the cup or tank through a paint strainer. We carry a variety of gun hooks to help you use a strainer.

2.How should the air cap be cleaned?
Remove the air cap from the gun and immerse it in clean solvent. If necessary, use a bristle brush to clean dried paint. Blow it dry with compressed air.
If the small holes become clogged, soak the cap in clean solvent. If reaming the holes is necessary, use a toothpick, a broom straw, or some other soft implement.
Cleaning holes with a wire, a nail or a similar hard object could permanently damage the cap by enlarging the jets, resulting in a defective spray pattern.

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3. What parts of the spray gun require lubrication?
The fluid needle packing, the air valve packing and the trigger bearing screw require daily lubrication with a non-silicone/non-petroleum gun lube.

The Fluid needle spring should be coated lightly with petroleum jelly or a non-silicone grease (ie. Lithium).
Lubricate each of these points after every cleaning in a gun washer.

4. Why is air control equipment necessary?
Raw air, piped directly from an air source to a spray gun, is of little use in spray finishing. Raw air contains small, but harmful quantities of water, oil, dirt and other contaminants that will alter the quality of the sprayed finish. Air filters filter out these contaminants before they get on your paint job. Air entering the filter is swirled to remove moisture that collects in the baffled quiet zone. Accumulated liquid is carried away through either a manual or automatic drain.

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5. What causes excessive pressure drop on the main line gauge of the filter/regulator?
The compressor is too small to deliver the required air volume and pressure for all tools in use.
The compressor is not functioning properly.
There is leakage in the air line or fittings.
Valves are partially opened.
The air line, or piping system, is too small for the volume of air required.

6. What causes a top- or bottom-heavy spray pattern?

Horn holes plugged - Clean holes with nonmetallic point (ie. toothpick)
Obstruction on top or bottom of fluid tip - Clean
Cap and/or tip seat dirty - clean

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