Difference Between Gravity Feed and Suction Feed Spray Guns

The Challenge - Hvlp vs Conventional Spray Guns / Hvlp vs Air Assisted Airless / Turbine, LVLP, RP Etc.


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What is spray gun painting? Spray Gun Painting uses air to directly atomize and direct paint particles onto a surface. This paint gun or device sprays a coating of paint, ink, varnish lacquers etc. through a front orifice which is sized to match the viscosity of the material. i.e. the thicker the material the larger the exit or fluid nozzle or orifice. As apposed to brushes or other techniques, spray gun painting produces a flat superior flawless finish. It is not difficult to get a glass like finish. It really depends on how good your spray gun is. In other words, by investing in good equipment anyone can produce a flawless finish. As opposed to aerosol paint cans which are too expensive. There is not enough power in an aerosol can to truly atomize the paint as well as a "true spray gun".

Gravity Feed

Gravity Feed guns are the standard in the automotive industry. They are the best for standard viscosity paints (i.e. non heavy industrial) or jobs that don't require more than a liter of paint at a time. Gravity Feed also has the advantage of a very short fluid passage for easy clean up.

No disassembly is needed to add and fill the gun with paint. And, with the help of gravity, the finish quality is improved over traditional suction feed guns.


Higher finish quality - for example, to achieve the same material flow, a 1.4 in a gravity feed is equivalent to a 1.8 in a suction feed gun.

Twice the Force of Gravity helps deliver the paint.

Can handle thicker materials.

Shorter fluid passage for easy cleanup

No disassembly to refil paint

Better Weight Balance i.e. the center of gravity is in the middle of the gun - ( though it takes some getting used to )


Depending on your work style the gravity feed cup add size i..e top vertical height to the gun.

Cup position may alter your spraying technique and entering into spaces.

Takes a bit to get used to it if you are familiar with traditional suction guns.
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Suction Feed


Traditional Gun Design. The cup has a straw like pickup tube. The air pressure from the gun sucks the paint up through the tube and pushes it out the front of the gun. A lot of energy is used to deliver the paint.

If you love traditional Suction Feed Guns see Here


Familiarity and Traditional Design.

Works well with metallic paints

Works well with thinner materials

Has agitated Siphon Cups available for pigments and metallics.

Great with specialty coatings like adhesives, splatter effects, etc.


Older technology

Longer fluid passage to clean ask us how at

Lower atomization of clear coats
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Problems with thicker paints even slightly thicker like woodworking paints.
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Great for:

Clear Coats

Easy Cleanup


Great for:

Metallics and Pigments

Old Time Painters




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