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Turbine HVLP Compressor HVLP Air Assisted Airless (pump) HVLP


1) Complete Portability typically 20 lbs.

2) Completely Self contained

3) Built in filter system

4) Fast operation with heated material - Great for Winter weather

4) Excellent finish quality

5) Very Low Overspray - Great for indoor applications


SGW: We prefer the 4 Stage turbine. If you are going to spend this much money on a turbine system, the added power of an under powered turbine (as compared to our compressor guns) will greatly benefit from the extra stage. We do carry 3 stage turbines for serious DIYs.

We also prefer the quiet and Super turbine units. One of the greatest complaints we have of turbines was their annoying vacuum cleaner whine. The Fuji quiet and Super compressors while, more expensive, have 50% less noise. Now, that's a winner!

Our favorite: Top of the Line System 4 State Quiet 4 w/ New! XPC-G Pressure Assisted

4 Stage Turbine


1) Highest Finish Quality

2) Compressor can be used with other tools and sanders

3) Time Proven and Evolved Technology - Some of the Finest Machined Guns Available in Higher Lines of Each Company we Sell.

4) Most versatile Setups and Cup Sizes for your Paint

5) Small Gun Foot Print in New Slimline Gun Designs

6) Gravity Feed allows for Super Fast Fill and Cleanup


SGW: Salesmen may have misinformed you that compressor driven HVLP require a large compressor. This is no longer true. We have professional Low CFM spray guns that operate on as little as 3CFM. In addition truly professional production AAA only require 3CFM also. Please look at our CFM Chart. A typical 4 gallon compressor runs 48 lbs.




1) Highest Speed Great for Production

2) Can be used with a small 2-3 cfm compressor

3) Very Soft Fan Pattern

4) Uses a Dipping Wand for easy access to paint


SGW: For production facilities or serious woodworkers. AAA is a great investment. Especially when you can purchase Wholesale from us here.




The most desirable feature for any turbine is to have it as quiet as possible. Except for Fuji, HVLP turbines from all makers are essentially the same and most use the same brand of internals. A standard turbine sounds like a very loud vacuum cleanerThe noise level of a standard turbine can become annoying. Many woodworkers use ear protection so the standard noisy turbine is not a problem but if you have a smaller shop and do not use ear protection (or have employees working in the same shop) we recommend choosing a model from the Super or Q- Quiet Series.
Fuji has reduced turbine noise levels by over 50% without causing any unwanted side effects such as overheating or air restriction. No... Fuji does not surround the turbine motor with soundproofing foam - this would simply cause overheating. The method used by Fuji allows the turbine motor to sit in an all-metal enclosure the way that standard turbines do. The Fuji Quiet turbines have computer-designed airflow configurations that completely eliminate the ‘Direct Sound Paths’ found on ALL low to mid-priced HVLP turbine systems available today. Direct sound paths are responsible for the noise factor. Noise is reduced to less than 50% of previous levels. In fact, when the Fuji Q Turbine is placed across the room, the low hiss of air passing through the spray gun is more noticeable than the turbine. Fuji Quiet turbines are protected by US Patent No.6644913.

At 15ft the Q3 PRO Turbine is only 59 dba. The Q4 PRO Turbine is only 58 dba. Compare this to a standard turbine (from any maker) at 79 dba from. Normal Conversation is 60 dba.

If excessive noise is a problem for you, please consider spending a little more for a Super GOLD or Q-GOLD Series™ Turbine. There are no quieter turbines on the market today. 

fuji xpc


Compressor comes in various size, types, brands, and prices. When we talk about equipment, quality is an issue, and most of the times price reflect it’s quality. So if you have the money, don’t hesitate to invest it in a good quality equipment.


A typical GOOD Compressor will run $200-$400. (Yes, there are decent Chinese $100 Compressors for a home shop.) A large Compressor will run $300-$600. And a Big Shop Compressor will Run $400-$800 and more.


Air compressors typically come with an air tank

We suggest a 4 gallon as minimum size but there are larger 8-10 gallon, 15-20 gallon, 30-40 gallon 60-80 gallon etc.

For small compressors we like the Quiet Zone for Light Duty Hobby
and The Hitachi 4 Gallon EC119SA for Medium to Heavy Duty
Under $200 at Sears


Here is a bigger one


Note: your compressor motor will not work as hard if there is a larger reserve tank to store air in while you break. You can always get a smaller compressor and hook a larger tank to it. You can also CHAIN compressors together with a simple Y connector feeding into a regulator or watertrap with regulator.



Beware of the ratings. Some compressors rate at top peak and some rate on continuous delivery. Typically you want at least a 2HP compressor but some 1 1/2HP compressors are good enough. Look for a CFM rating of 3@40PSI for a mini gun and 5CFM@40 or more for a full size gun. Obviously, unlike what you've been told, the bigger the better.

How do know the CFM rating is real? a 5HP compressor rated at 4 CFM is a bunch of Cr*&)p. 1 true HP produces about 3-4 CFM. Not to fear the government slapped companies with fake ratings so any recent compressor has much more reliable specs on it. That is why most the modern compressors may appear less powerful than the same models 6 years ago.

110V - 220V

Typical 110v compressor max out at 9CFM and that is pushing it. Most really good 110v compressor are rated at 5-8CFM. This is more than enough power for some of our top rated Low CFM guns.

NOTE: You are NOT getting an inferior finish with a low CFM gun. Our top Low CFM guns out spray most higher CFM guns. In fact the most celebrated guns in the world are rated at 9cfm, beating 13cfm and 20cfm guns. It is the design of the gun that is most important.



1. The motor - typically 1 1/2 HP or more is required to run a spray gun

2. Air tank, this is where the air is stored under pressure When the tank is full, the motor stops automatically. This gives the motor time to rest. There is typically a drain on the tank for water build up. Do not forget to empty the tank when you are done or it might start to rust over time. We had one customer who never drained his tank and when he did almost 1/2 the tank was filled with water.

3. Regulator and Water Trap - the regulator controls the pressure of the compressor. A simple watertrap $35 like the one in the picture filters water from your compressor. This is the first stage of filtration. Typically you will want to add at least a disposable filter $4 on your gun or another 5 micron filter $80-$140 down line. Water Trap is important to make sure you only spray paint instead of mixing it with water. Some compressor are already comes Regulator and water trap, but others may need to acquire it separately. But this item is a very good idea.

water trap

1. This knob adjusts the pressure output of your compressor.

2. This gauge indicates how much pressure is in the tank

3. this is the air hose connector typically 1/4", 3/8" for hose, or 1/2", 3/4" for piping HERE.

4. this clear tube is where the filtered water goes. Some are covered but have a "window" to see where the water level is. There’s a button underneath it which let the air in the tank and water in the tube out if you push it. If you spend more money they have automatic drains so you never have to worry about it.


One thing you also need to pay attention when getting a compressor is the sound which it produce. some compressor are LOUD and sound like a Truck running in low gear. But others are softer than people talking. Getting the quiet one is always recommended. it is nice to stay under 70DB if you can.


The Air Assist Airless pump from C.A.T. is an all stainless 14:1 ratio pump for production fine finish spraying of wood or other fine finish applications. As a unique feature, It is designed to be user serviceable.

The air motor incorporates a unique magnetic "no stall" valve design. The air motor insures smooth pump stroke transition with no "surge" or "wink" in the spray pattern while maximizing transfer efficiency. This simple direct acting valve is also resistant to icing, has a long life carbon fiber cylinder and integrated noise suppression design for quiet operation.The fluid section is all stainless featuring a non-contact pump tube that never wears out. Also featured is a cartridge style piston seal and guide for quick field replacement. Unit has a large capacity solvent cup and 360 degree fluid inlet/outlet orientation.








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