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Air brushes are used for artwork. All our professional models have variable fan patterns and are adjustable from a fine line to approximately 1 1/2" in width. For larger lines or backgrounds we have miniguns and other setups.

Our Airbrushes are professional artist tools used by professionals and serious hobbyists world wide. For those new to airbrushing, most know that Iwata airbrushes are considered the finest in the world and used worldwide by professionals in all types of industries. Well supported in the US, please feel comfortable with any Iwata selection.

As an alternative, we offer Asturo Air brushes. This lesser known European air brush company has some of the finest low cost air brushes on the market. With the same quality as more expensive models Asturo air brushes have the same "feel" as fine european air brushes and a slimmer line which is popular for more detailed work.

We also offer USA made DeVilbiss Air Brushes. These quality USA tools give you well supported high quality tools used for larger artwork on motorcycles and objects of similar size.

What Tip Size do I use?

Siphon Feed - Typically use a .5 tip set for general spraying. .3 for very fine lines and .7 for thicker materials.

Gravity Feed - Typically .3 for artwork and fine lines .2 for very fine lines and .5 for larger artwork like on cars and murals and .7 for blending and shadding for backgrounds.

What Compressor do I need?

Air brush guns use very small compressors. These compressors are portable and produce little air, but enough to drive air brushes. You may use larger compressors if you have one. Please be aware that if you decide to upgrade to a spray gun they requires at least 3cfm@40 for a mini gun and at least 5CFM@40 or higher for a full size gun. We also have the Iwatas which have a small 3"-4" fan pattern but only consume 2CFM@40.


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